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Comments from Clients

Only with an emotionally engaged therapist can the fears about love, affirmation and feelings if self-worth be truly understood.

~ Diana Fosha

Therapy is truly an experience that is unique for each person.

Below are some comments clients have shared in their termination sessions or in follow up contact:

42 year-old male- skilled tradesman

"I wanted to let you know a handshake does not feel like enough. I appreciate how much this has helped, all that you have done for me.  I feel really great and you have made an enormous difference in my life.  I didn't want to come. I was brought up that men don't do this kind of stuff and now I am feeling so sad to say goodbye and so thankful that I came and my wife says thanks as well because everything is so different for us now."

47 year-old female-corporate professional

"I called because I wanted to tell you that in a meeting today my Director commented on many differences in my work style.  She said I am less reactive and more open and productive. So it's not just me that is noticing a difference but people all around me. I wanted to say thank you.  Life still has its challenges but I manage it so differently.  Thank you Kate." 

44 year-old male- executive

"It felt like it would be impossible to live without depression, it was suffocating me and I felt that only death could make it easier.  Now I am in a great relationship, work is good and somehow everything feels easier with my family.  I tell all my buddies not to run from therapy."

28 year-old female-professional

"My relationships have changed so much.  I was at my mother's the other day and I thought - is she on some kind of medication - it was just so pleasant you know.  Then I started laughing to myself because I knew what was different was me.  You have touched my life and I will never forget this."

39 year-old male-couples therapy

"I never thought I could say after my wife's affair that I would describe my marriage as so much stronger and closer and loving...."

52 year-old female-couples therapy

"I had pretty well given up on ever hoping that what I needed could be found with my husband, our marriage was cold and empty.  But now we have a new beginning and it feels wonderful ..."

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